Expat Nomads Arrive in Manta, Ecuador

A long Trip

Our flight from Lisbon to Madrid was significantly delayed and we missed our flight to Quito. As a result, we also lost our balcony hotel where we were going to watch the New Year’s Eve Fireworks in Quito. In fact, the next day we barely caught the flight from Quito on to Manta. On arrival Manta, we found our beautiful condo with full length glass walls facing the ocean. Our landlords who also were our next-door neighbors had snacks and a bottle of wine waiting for us.

Wlcome Snacks
Balcony View Left
Balcony View Right

The next three weeks are the reason no posts have been made for a month. First Georgene had a bad cold for a week and then it was Bill’s turn to get the same. The difference was Bill’s turned in to Bronchitis and he was in the hospital for three days. The good news is he had a great Pulmonary Doctor.

We did eat out some and found a great Italian Restaurant called Alice’s where the waiter, Nick, takes great care of us. Besides a bruschetta each to warm up our appetite, he provides a small bowl of Pasta Fagioli, which is incredibly good.

Lunch at Alice’s
Alice’s Restaurant

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