About Us

Bill was in the Navy from 1975 until 2006. Georgene was a travel agent and met Bill during that time. They married in 1998 and Bill was stationed in Honduras for two years followed by a three-year tour in London. During the London tour they traveled to many locations around Europe. Georgene is Croatian and they have been able to go back there twice to visit family in the Zagreb region, always stopping in Dubrovnik on the way out of the country. Our love for travel as Expat Nomadsis a direct product of our history together.

IN 2013, we tested our plan to travel by living a month in Ecuador. At the time, we found that we were not ready to leave the comfort of our home. In 2017, we began to steadily reduce our debt to free us up for an expat nomad lifestyle. When COVID hit, we lost two family members and a close friend. Our wakeup call had occurred, and we knew it was time to get ready. Our home in Atlanta was sold in 2020 and we became thankfully debt free. Bill retired on November 1, 2021, and we sold our furniture and our cars. After roaming around the U.S. for three months visiting family and friends, we were ready to take the leap of faith and head to Europe. After three months in Spain and two months in Albania, we have no regrets as we continue to love to travel and are dedicated to passing what we learn to future Expat Nomads. We look forward to Portugal and Ecuador before we return to the U.S. for medical and dental checkups. Already, we are starting to plan the next year! Right now it looks like expat nomads will travel to Italy, Greece, Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia. A cruise to New Zealand is also a strong possibility.