Getting Your Mail

There are numerous companies that can receive your mail via a legal mailing address (good for tax purposes) and then provide mail to you electronically. They scan the outside of the letter and then you advise them if you want them to open it and scan the pages. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself when reviewing the providers;

  1. Do they support more than one name on the address (I had to make sure mail for myself and my wife would be handled).
  2. Do they shred mail for you when directed and at what cost?
  3. Do they deposit checks for you and at what cost?
  4. Do they screen junk mail and do they allow you to block mail that you know you do not want.
  5. What is the monthly/annual cost (normally discounted for annual) and what does that cover….how many screens of letters per month and how many openings per month.

I went with with an Orlando address (check to make sure the state is the one you want to be associated with for tax purposes). For a very reasonable fee, I get 100 external screens a month and 50 openings. Shredding and check deposit are free. Mail can be forwarded to a different address at cost.

Their customer service has been good and reaching them with questions has been easy. You may want to do the research and find out which service best fits your needs.

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