Expat Nomads explore the cliffs and caves of the Algarve

The first trip we went on after settling down in Portimao was to the Algarve Coast and Caves. The trip that we arranged was on a small hard bottom boat, Bill was sick that day and the trip had to be rescheduled. The next week Captain Dave called and let us know the trip was cancelled due to weather and he was no longer going out since the tourist season was over. This is where we made our mistake. We scheduled the trip on a 19 passenger Catamaran and the trip was at low tide. We were only able to enter one cave, which was the longest sea cave river in Europe. The beautiful cliffs and caves were still very enjoyable, and these are formed by the erosion of the vociferous limestone rock caused by rain, the sea, and living creatures. The highlight of the tour was the Benegal Cave, one of the ten natural wonders of the world.

SunVoat Catamaran
Lighthouse at River Entrance
Start of Large Cave
Sea Cliffs
Fishing Village
Smugglers Cave
Lighthouse Cave
Longest sea Cave River in Europe
Through Cave
Marinha Beach from the Sea
Boneca (doll) from the Sea
Benegal Cave
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